Six Questions with Sheri Evans of Metier

by Tina on January 31, 2012

If you live in San Francisco and love to shop, then chances are you’ve been to downtown boutique Metier. And if you don’t live in SF, or do and don’t get out much, you can still shop at Metier. More on that in a second. They stock a ridiculously gorgeous collection of estate jewelry, as well as collections from cult favorite Isabel Marant, handbag genius Jerome Dreyfuss, Raquel Allegra, Rag & Bone, Vanessa Bruno, Alexander Wang and many more. One customer  coined their selections as “Modern with a vintage edge.” But they’re so much more. Metier is that super cool, way-too-nice-it’s-hard-to-believe girl everyone wants to be friends with. And when it comes to clothing boutiques, Metier has some serious tenure. Having just celebrated an impressive 20 years in business, they’re one of the oldest boutiques in SF, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why. Proving that great things come to those who wait, after years as a strictly brick-and-mortar outpost, Metier has ventured online. And their site is really, really good. Well-styled images meet beautifully-curated items meet a clean, easy-to-shop interface. All you could ever ask for really.

And here’s the kicker: Owner Sheri Evans (pictured right below) was kind enough to answer six of our questions!
Warning: You may love Metier even more after reading this.

1. Us: Metier has been around for 20 years. That’s amazing! And record-breaking when it comes to boutiques. What’s your secret?

Sheri: Always changing it up and my incredible, like-family staff.

2. Us: Your designer roster is always great. Do you have any favorites? Which designers are in most frequent rotation in your closet?

Sheri: I’m totally an Isabel Marant or a Zero+Maria Cornejo girl almost every day with a big dose of Current/Elliott or Mih jeans.  I live in my Rag & Bone blazers and wear Golden Goose or Martha Davis boots all year long.  I adore jewelry and wear an armful of bracelets and my Antique and Cathy Waterman charm necklace every day.  I like an interesting sheath or a tuxedo blazer for dressing up with a big Lizzie Fortunato necklace and red Isabel Marant pumps that I seem to wear with everything. A big Jerome Dreyfuss is my bag of choice.

3. Us: Can you recommend one piece every woman should have in her wardrobe at all times?

Sheri: A well cut blazer, over anything from jeans to a frilly dress instantly takes things up a notch.

4. Us: With the new season around the corner, which spring trends are you excited about?

Sheri: I’m in love with all the stunning, graphic prints this season!  We will be featuring of-the-moment ones from Alexander Wang (bold roses), Zero+Maria Cornejo (abstract brights), and Raquel Allegra (Shibori influenced drama).  I’m excited to see modern-looking longer skirt lengths – Rag & Bone and Rachel Comey offered some of the best.   Knits are a year-round staple in San Francisco and the textured, crunchy versions from Isabel Marant and Whetherly’s perforated tees are perfect city pieces. Last we are all coveting the Golden Goose studded slipper.

5. Us: When you aren’t shopping at Metier, where else are you shopping, online and in person?

Sheri: I’m inspired by beautiful design in any form so I LOVE good old fashion shopping in stores with an authentic point of view. I adore Flea Markets and hit up the Alameda Flea Market here and the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market in NY for antique jewelry, props and fabrics. The General Store, Birch and Flora Grubb all offer beautiful and interesting things for the home. I favor Maas and Stacks and A-B Fits for the guys in my life and Alla Prima has the most gorgeous lingerie in the city if I need to indulge.  [Aquarius Records} and Christopher’s Books remain true to their roots, offering excellent recommendations and late night shopping hours, perfect for my crazy schedule.  Online, my favorites are for off-the-radar gifts, for luxurious beauty products and for collecting emerging photography.

6. Us: Now that you’ve opened your online boutique, what’s next for Metier?

Sheri: We definitely want to expand our online offerings, add more shoes to the general mix and devote more blog space to our stellar jewelry collections.


Metier is located in San Francisco at 355 Sutter Street. And online at
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