All that Jazz: Osborn Design Studio Shoes

by Tina on December 2, 2009

Osborn Design Studios is run by Carla Veticinque-Osborn & Aaron Osborn. Their Brooklyn based studio is a collaborative environment where both fine art and commercial art are created. They pull inspiration from human relationships, the vibrancy of life in both its conflict and resolve, and artisanal grit. They showcase a selection of evolving products, my most recent obsession being their printed shoe collection. A mix of bold and fun patterns make up this collection of nearly sold out unisex “jazzies” and booties.


Each shoe is handmade by the independent fair-trade cooperative UPAVIM (La Esperanza, Guatemala City, GT), and made with locally sourced leather soles and recycled fabrics selected by the studio. I’m not typically fond of printed footwear, but this is definitely an exception. I’ve taken a particular linking to the Safari Jazzies and Mystic Booties.


Osborn Design Studio Shoes are available online at the designer’s online shop, and Stand up Comedy.

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