Q & A: Yara Flinn of Nomia

by Tina on October 21, 2009

yaraIf you saw my recent fall wishlist post you may remember the cut out Nomia dress. Out of all the amazing dresses this season, I chose that one to dream about. It’s pretty simple: navy, silk, shifty w/ a couple draped cutouts at the shoulder. But I love it and when I buy it (it was a wish list remember), I’ll wear the crap out of it. That’s what I love about Nomia: their pretty, well-fitted dresses and separates, plus character minus the fuss. I’ve been reading a lot about the label since its debut back in Spring ’07 and was curious about the woman behind the label — 26 year old Yara Flinn. So I contacted her and she was totally game for an interview. I probed about her past design experience w/ label United Bamboo, inspirations, and even ventured to ask some totally random questions like if is she on twitter. Is she? Keep reading to find out…

nomia3SB: I love the wearability and accessibility of your designs. How important is this aspect when sitting down to design a collection?
YF: I really like to balance design with practicality and comfort. Sometimes I start with a design based on something I really want to wear the next season, and sometimes I just design from pure imagination. The inspiration is always different.

SB: I see you interned at United Bamboo (on of my faves!). How have you incorporated what you learned there into your own label?
YF: I love everyone at UB, they are like a close family. I think what I learned from them is subtlety and incorporating the richness of details into otherwise simple pieces. Their designs are at once modern and classic, and that is definitely something I strive for with my line.

SB: When you aren’t wearing Nomia, what other designers are you rocking?
YF: Mostly old t-shirts and jeans, to be honest! But other designers I love are Acne, Bodkin, Phi, Helmut Lang, and United Bamboo.

SB: What are you listening to?nomia
YF: Music is my biggest passion, and I am always trying to learn about new artists. Right now I am listening to Pictureplane, The Tough Alliance, Growing, Animal Collective, Lemonade and many more…

SB: If you had to chose three words to describe your line, what would they be?
YF: Geometric, feminine, strong.

SB: Favorite thing about designing your own label?
YF: Being creative, and seeing the evolution of a vague idea in my head to a finished garment. I also love the idea of making something that will end up in someone’s wardrobe, it’s so nice to see how people mix and match and incorporate my pieces into their own personal styles.

nomia1SB: Any big influences for the Spring 2010 collection? How about for Fall ’09 which just hit stores?
YF: Spring 2010 was about lightening up after the darker, moodier fall collection. I think it’s important to challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone as a designer and always keep your audience guessing a bit. Spring 2010 has a lot of this very light pinks and nudes that I wouldn’t normally use, but I enjoyed working with them and contrasting the femininity with nylon mesh and fishnet.

SB: Nomia is a fairly young label, you launched in 2007. What’s next for Nomia? Any collaborations in the pipeline, or any news to share?
YF: Hopefully I will collaborate on a few different ventures for Fall 2010, you will just have to stay tuned and see! The collections have grown slightly each season, and I will continue to add on in the future, but I still edit the collections very heavily- I like for each piece to stand on it’s own.

SB: Are you on Twitter?
YF: No, right now I just do updates on the Nomia Facebook page.

Images from Nomia’s Spring 2010 collection. Visit Nomia online at nomia-nyc.com

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