Jewelry Debut: Shadowplay Collection

by Tina on October 29, 2009


While I’ll admit that the concept of yarn and Swarovski crystal woven together into a necklace doesn’t initially grab my attention, Heather Goldberg is here to change that. Her debut collection of yarn and crystal necklaces called Shadowplay (named after the Joy Division Song) instantly stood out in the sea of jewelry I find myself swimming in daily.


Taking inspiration from oceanic aragonite structures, planetary space, crystal formations and spider webs, Shadowplay embraces all things mystical. Goldberg uses conscious and organic yarn and crystals in every one of the pieces she hand makes herself out of her Los Angeles studio.


Her standout pieces are the chunky web-like creations, particularly the black and nude color combos. And being that this is merely her first collection, I’m anxious to see what else this young designer has in her bag of yarn.


Shadowplay is currently available for sale online at

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