Six Questions with Angelina Rennell

by Tina on September 10, 2009

We’ve been planning a regular series of posts called “six questions” for quite some time and we’re happy to kick things of with Angelina Rennell, owner/ buyer of online eco-boutique Beklina.


Eco boutiques have slowly been gaining space all over the vast realm of online shopping, but no matter how many stores pop up Beklina reigns as the most well-edited and our favorite, hands down. They stock goods from S.B. regulars like Mociun, Loyale, Rachel Comey, Lina Rennell (Angelina’s label) and many more. We love their commitment to smaller, lessor known labels and often turn to their shop to discover new under-the-radar eco-friendly designers. Enough about that — can you tell we love Beklina? We wanted to know more so we asked Angelina six quick questions about what she’s loving this fall, where she shops other than Beklina and why she loves owning her own boutique:

S.B.: Favorite new eco-friendly designers for fall?

A.R.: Shabd & Skin Threads & Lina Rennell

lina_rennell_imgeS.B.: Can you list a few must-have items from the shop you’ll be wearing this season?

Skin & Threads Lounge Cardigan

Mociun Space Suit

Lina Rennell Print T Shirt

Organic Cable Tunic

S.B.: What is your favorite thing about owning your own boutique?

A.R.: Making my own style choices and supporting artists that I love.

S.B.: Other than Beklina, where are you shopping online? How about locally?

A.R.: I love Totokaelo. Locally, I love the flea market & garage sales for unusual vintage jewelry finds.

S.B.: Where do you do most of your buying each season? New York, Paris, etc…?

A.R.: New york & L.A.

S.B.: What’s up next for Beklina? Any plans or collaborations in the works?

A.R.: We’re just gearing up for Fall. And lots of amazing photo shoots on the way.

Beklina is based out of Santa Cruz and located at

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