by Tina on June 5, 2007



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Website bio: “Moxsie’s mission is to help you discover and buy the best independent designer clothing, jewelry, shoes and more in the world. Every designer we showcase on Moxsie is handpicked by our team. We search far and wide, from New Zealand and Sweden to LA and New York for cutting edge designers with a unique voice. We proudly present to you designers who create with pride and love.”

01 the One, 100 Styles and Running, 80%20, Ach Ach Liebling, Alchemy Goods, Alisha Louise, All Black, Andira Rain Tee, Bensimon, B-Side, Bijules, Cassius Eyewear, Cmarchuska, Colleen Mauer Designs, Demano, Deux Lux, Dimepiece, Doubledown NYC, Dustie Doll, Emma Carroll, Eshe, Fifty Seven Thirty Three, Fur Face Boy, Generic Surplus, Gourmet, Greedy Genius, Hellz Bellz, HeyDay, Hot Air, I/denti/tee, Jane Davis Jewelry, Jed Clothing, Keep Footwear, La Mixx, Litter, Loyal Army, Lucymachine, Manhattan Portage, Matiko, Matt Bernson, Meggie, Mimoco, Miss KK, Necklush, Noo Works, No Mas, Piece Keeper, Peasants & Travelers, Potluck Paris, Pretty Little Thing, Rubber Duck, Sikara & Co., S.O.B., Sora Designs, S2VS, Sneaky Steve, Storm, Spun, Sugarcraft, Super, Sust, The Hundreds, The People’s Shoe, Token, TT Collection, United Kranes, Unruly Heir, Vael Project, Valsport, Warrior Footwear.


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