Candystore Collective

by Tina on June 26, 2007


Address: 3153 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


Phone: 415.863.8143

Description: Candystore Collective is a collaborative effort originally began as a 28 day temporary shop called Hot! in December 2004, which focused on independently designed and crafted home goods, gifts, jewelry and accessories from all over the world. In 2005 they reopened their doors as Candystore Collective with a bigger space, rentable studios for local designers, and clothing for women and men as well as vintage furniture. They soon added online shopping to the mix.

Designers: 1.4.2. jewelry, 18th amendment, 80%20, a label, abigail adams, accessories de bonne compagnie, ach ach libeling, all black, alyson fox, amh design, ann marie Lawson, anna andersson, anne-claire petit, annie galvin, anzevino + Florence, aoyama itchome, apolis activism, ashley Watson, bauxo, bench, binth, blank, bonedust, brown sound, built by wendy, burger & friends, cara lyndon, charlotte ronson, cheap Monday, chris and Jaime, christopher bettig, cici, ciuccio, cleobella, corey lynn calter, corpus, covet, crossley, dear creatures. del forte, denim & thread, diana fayt, digby and iona, dittos, donna Wilson, early jewelry, guides, eau de yosh, ella tamkin, feral childe, Ferdinand, fluffyco, found, Fremont, frozen peas, f-troupe, genera, good society, hansel from basel, headline shirts, ibride, iman deco, isabel lu, j brand, Jamison, jane d’arensbourg, jene despain, jorge morales, josh podoll, joy o, juice planning, june, kaylee tankus, keep, kitchen orange, kuhn keramik, laeken, laugh cry repeat, laura dawson, leciel Frankfurt, lily & jae, linea carta, lisa b, lisa congdon, little something, lorick, love & victory, made by me me me, mahatsara, maptote, margaret solow, mcsweeneys, meg mateo-ilasco, Melissa, minh hanh, minkpink, mittenmaker, mixie, modaspia, modern printed matter, morphine generation, moss mills, nancy spoelhof, night owl paper goods, nikki jags, noble youth, nooworks, office wiederholt socks, ogle, Ophelia, orion, orla kiely, parker, patch nyc, peel, pillow, pillow, pillow, plastic island, prairie underground, resound, ruby republic, saja, screech owl design, send me mail, seneca rising, shades of greige, shana astrachen, shanghai trio, sharon spain, she-bible, society for rational dress, soni & cindy, sophomore, steven alan, surface to air, sust, suzy jack, swandive, tai jewelry, tai rittichai, tankus, taxi cdc, the great lake goods, the quiet life, the smooth company, thomas paul, tony Meredith, trovata, tsuyumi, twinkle, unconditional, vintage by mom, wesc, wheres romeo, woollyhoodwinks, wunderkammer, yayoi forest, yellow owl workshop, young fabulous & broke.

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