by Tina on June 27, 2007


Address: Online Only. 3100 South Congress 3B, Austin, TX 78704



Phone: 512.670.7448

Description: Buy Definition is an online only boutique with a great and pretty extensive indie designer roster. They stock some Style Bite favorites like Society for Rational Dress and Wood Wood and quickly rising new comers like Sophomore and Posso the Spat.

Designers: A Peace Treaty, BB Dakota, Catherine Holstein, CC Skye, Charlotte Ronson, Corpus, Crispin Basilio, Devotte, Etten Eller, F-Troupe, Fallon, Fernanda Pereira, figs & ginger, Fremont, Grace Sun, Harlan Bel, Jack Rabbit, K ritt, Ka Pow Wow, Kensie, Khoon Hooi, Kova and T, Life with Bird, Loric, Luella, Mink Pink, Mint Owl, Nanushka, Native American, Nuj Novakhett, Oak, Plastic Island, Pluma, Posso the spat, Quail, Sally Tseng, Samantha Pleet, Scout, Sea, Shofolk, Society for Rational Dress, Sophomore, Spring and Clifton, Sunshine and Shadow, T by Alexander Wang, Tankus, TOMS and Wood Wood.

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