Thistle & Clover

by Tina on May 22, 2007


Address: 221 DeKalb Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11205



Phone: 718.855.5577

Description: Co-founders Camilla Gale and Rand Niederhoffer conceived of Thistle & Clover as a home away from home. Stacks of beautifully wrought rings sit amidst vintage books and hand pressed note cards. The clothing is carefully hand picked from an exciting group of young, up-and-coming designers that fit into Thistle & Clover’s unique and accessible aesthetic.

Designers: Clothing: Chulette, Chris & Jaime, Church & State, Dace, Demylee, Edelweiss by Sarah, Eskell, Flynn, Geren Ford, Iro, Jamison, Kathleen Cook Swim, LA Made, LNA, Lorick, Myne, Noble Youth, Trovata, Tylho, Valerie Suter, Wren, Yunhi
Jewelry: Amanda Rudey, Bast, Bittersweets, Catbird, Debbie Fisher, H. Park, In God We Trust, Jessica DeCarlo, Katharine Sise, Katie Q, Lauren Wimmer, Lisa Levine, Made Her Think, Max Steiner, Melissa Joy Manning, Ongwat, Poupette, Pyrrha, Rebecka Fröberg, Sapna Mehra, St Kilda, Sunday’s Best, Swallow
Accessories: BillyKirk Handbags, Blue Ribbon Stationery, Ede & Elliott Handbags, Faliero Sarti Scarves, Jack Rabbit Belts, Marais USA Shoes, Monserat De Lucca Handbags, MOR Cosmetics, Paper + Cup, Peculiar Pair Press, Smudge Ink, Snow & Graham, Sue London, Teeny House Bunny Hair Accessories.

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